aromatherapy scarves with a meaningful mission

Delivering hope and healing one thread at a time, Therapy Threads is the product of a passion for using fashion as a foundation for wellness. We believe that it’s possible to integrate beautiful wearables into a holistic approach to combating mental illness. With our aromatherapy scarves, you can wrap yourself in the comfort of a gorgeous, high-quality accessory while benefiting from the power of essential oils. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase go to health and wellness organizations near and dear to our hearts.

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Furthering the Conversation about Mental Health

For decades the topic of mental health and well-being has been one swept under the rug or left for discussion behind closed doors. At Therapy Threads, we want to encourage others to join us in overcoming the stigma and breaking down the barriers that have kept individuals from getting the help they need. Check out our blog, and contribute to the conversation using the hashtags below. Together we can make a difference!    
#therapythreads #threadsforhealing #aromatherapythreads #scarveswithamission or #scarvesagainststigmas

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