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Mental Health Awareness Month + Aromatherapy Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ~Benjamin Franklin
Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month?
What if each of us took a step this next month towards prevention, towards health and wellness? What kind of shift would we see in the world if every single person took one single step towards their wellness of mind?
Okay, okay, that is a pretty difficult thing to imagine. Let’s break it down to just you.
How would it impact you to be one step closer to your ideal mental health? What would that even look like?
Let’s take an example. If you were one step closer to your ideal mental health,  your commute to work would look… pleasant. You’d be relaxed as you mentally prepare for your day, connecting with yourself or your spirituality, maybe listening to good music or a good book. But what if -WHAM- someone cuts you off.
(Now, in the past, thinking and feeling were thought to be two separate acts. New research is showing that they are harder and harder to separate. We think and feel and feel and think all at once, keep this in mind as you read on.)
So you are thinking “Wow, that guy is such a jerk and such a dangerous driver- I could have DIED!” and at the same time you are feeling anger and fear. Your knuckles are white, grasped tightly around the steering wheel, your throat is dry, and you’ve broken into a sweat.
Sound familiar? We know how this story typically goes, but let’s think about the possibility of it going differently. Because May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, you have been working towards your goals of improving your mental health functioning.
You’ve been working on using all the tools in your mental health preparedness toolbox. So you consider your options. You could try to meditate, do deep breathing, pray, call a friend, cognitively tell yourself facts about the situation, or reach for a prescription.

Or of course you could grab your scarf and take a huge whiff.

Uhhhhh. What? (I’m assuming you might be asking me this question.)
Well, this would make complete sense IF you were wearing a Therapy Threads Aromatherapy Scarf filled with the scent of a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil.
Essential oils are one of a myriad of natural resources that can be a support to your mental health. They are my favorite way to support my health- body and mind- because they are effective, versatile, organic, and they smell amazing.
The impact of fragrance and aroma on mental health has been studied. Here’s what they’ve discovered: The limbic system (which impacts motivation, emotions, and memory, among other things) is intricately tied with your sense of smell. Google it if you don’t believe me. The limbic system can help manage the stress in the body. By using powerful essential oils, you can create a different response in your limbic system and increase or decrease various feelings. 
What does all of this mean for me? What does this have to do with taking a step towards my ideal mental health?
It has EVERYTHING to do with it! This not only gives you a new tool in your toolbox, it basically gives you a whole new set of tools called essential oils! If you were to naturally and effectively help your mood by breathing in a scent, this could impact your life in a number of ways.
It could give you that breath of fresh air (literally) that you need to handle a situation well instead of lashing out, as in the road rage situation. It could give your body the natural boost so that you feel empowered to handle whatever crisis comes across your desk at work. It could help you release those feelings of anger and resentment and move toward forgiveness and reconciliation. 
You can create these possibilities preventively, by having high quality essential oils accessible to you, and regular in your routine. Take it from Benjamin Franklin, prevention is so much better.
One thing to remember: the essential oils are not going to do the work for you. They are not drugs. Essential oils are nature’s best helpers as you are working to support your body’s systems and make healthier choices in your life.
We’ll keep learning about essential oils in future posts, so stay tuned!

Now I would love to hear from you. 

How do you feel about your current mental health? Are there any things you’d like to improve about your mental health? Have you considered seeing a therapist to help? What other things have you considered or wanted to try? How can you spread mental health awareness and prevention in your life?  Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you in advance for reading, commenting and sharing with love, compassion and kindness. You help make our cozy corner of the world wide web an awesome place!

Sending love and healing,



Article written by Molly Johnson
Molly Johnson has her masters in family therapy and an undergraduate degree in psychology. She was introduced to the world of essential oils over two years ago. Since then, her health has immensely improved. She’s now passionate about continuing to educate herself and sharing with others about the many benefits of high quality essential oils.
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