Therapy – lets break the stigma down

If I go to a therapist, does that mean I’m crazy, weak or a failure?


What will others think? What if I’m seen coming out of that kind of office?


Such concerns are quite natural given our socio-cultural conditioning. Unfortunately, as a result, many people decide not to pursue therapy despite experiencing significant emotional, physical or mental distress.


Going to therapy or seeking professional help comes with a big, nasty stigma. This stereotype causes lots of people to not get the help they truly need and deserve.


Therapy Hangtag


Therapy is for people dealing with difficult life transitions like divorce, health challenges, relocation, work stress, relationship issues, or family/parenting issues, etc. Learn more

Myth: Therapy is for people with “serious” issues. 

Fact: Some people believe that you must be diagnosed with a psychological disorder or be profoundly struggling in order to seek therapy. In fact, research has shown that most couples, for instance, wait about six years before getting help. Waiting only exacerbates problems and makes them that much harder to untangle and resolve.

And in reality, there are many reasons people see therapists.

“People go to therapy to cope with disorders, relationships, stress, grief, to figure out who they are and learn to live life to the fullest,” said Howes, who also writes the blog, In Therapy. “There’s no shame in wanting a better life.” (PsychCentral)

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Mental health awareness month: May.

Let’s break the Therapy stigma down!

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