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Cozy Therapy Threads scarves enhance your wellbeing with essential oils while  helping destigmatize mental illnesses.

Dani Singer was bullied growing up.

“It’s really detrimental,” she says, and it caused a long struggle with anxiety and depression.

Those struggles led her to purse a career as a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in trauma, PTSD and addiction. Now her new venture, Therapy Threads, brings her experience and passion for helping people together through fashion.

The company sells soft, stylish scarves (co-designed by local powerhouse Heidi Herrman and manufactured by Laura Treas) that come with an essential oil to apply to a small pad and concealed in a pocket in the scarf, providing a subtle dose of aromatherapy throughout the day.


Singer says she’s always been interested in holistic healing methods and aromatherapy has proved to be a powerful tool in her work with clients.

“Scent is so powerful,” she says. “It’s the most powerful out of all of our senses and certain fragrances have a direct relationship and impact with different areas of our brains.”

The scarves come with one of three organic essential oils: citrus bliss, good for a mood boost and stress relief; lavender, which aids with stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and sleep; and wild orange to energize and revitalize the mind and body.


Beyond helping the wearer improve their emotional state, the scarves are designed to start a larger conversation about bullying, domestic violence, suicide, depression and seeking therapy.

“Each of those things have touched my life personally in some way,” Singer explains, and each scarf comes with a hang tag featuring statistics and resources about one of those topics.


“The biggest part of it is to break down the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental health and mental illness, but also seeking professional help,” she says.

Additionally, Therapy Threads gives to organizations that align with its mission. Five percent of profits will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and KC-based Rightfully Sewn.

The designs also carry an important reminder about taking care of your own health: In place of a care label, each comes with a self-care label advising people to do small things like practice gratitude, eat well, be present or go on a walk.

“I think it’s so much about the little messages and the little motivations and inspirations,” Singer says.

Find the scarves online at projecttherapythreads.com and at Encore boutique in Shawnee. –Kelsey Cipolla

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